Oxyglow Herbal Ginger & honey Shampoo, 200ml Pack of 2

480 480

Applied For:Daily Care, Deep Conditioning, Dryness Care, Hair Shine, Nourishment & Moisturization, Scalp Cleansing

Hair Type:All Hair Types

Composition:Glow Ginger& Honey

Container Type:Plastic Bottle

Ideal For:Men & Women


Made In India

Oxyglow Ginger And Honey Protein Shampoo Is Enriched With The Vital Natural Herbs And Extracts Of Honey And Ginger To Strengthen Your Hair And Scalp To Regrow New Hair.Rich In Proteins, Ginger And Honey Shampoo Actively Repair Hair Fibers, Restore Natural Moisture & Treat Split Ends. This Shampoo Stimulate Circulation To Your Scalp And Encourage Healthy Hair Growth.Ginger Extract, Honey, Glycerine Ginger Extract And Honey To Increase The Scalp Circulation And Stimulate Hair Growth Resulting In Thick, Strong And Healthy Hair. Presence Of Antioxidant Gingerol In Ginger, This Shampoo Helps To Fight Free Radicals That Damage Hair Cells, Causing Hair Thinning And Hair Loss.Honey And Ginger Are Natural Hair Conditioner. Also Natural Anti-Inflammatory And Antiseptic Properties To Treat Dandruff And Dry, Itchy Scalp.

Made In India

Weight 2.1 kg
Dimensions 122 × 145 × 321 cm

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